Information for Patrons


Books, Audio Books and CD/ROM

4 week check out

Limit of 10 items

Overdue fines : $0.05/day

DVD/VHS, Board Games, Book/Toy Bags

1 week check out

Limit of 5

Overdue fines: $0.25/day

Magazines, Music CDs

3 week check out

Limit of 5 items

Overdue fines: $0.05/day

Overdue Notices

All overdue notices will be sent via e-mail if possible.

2 weeks overdue - First notice sent

4 weeks overdue - Second notice sent

6 weeks overdue - Account is suspended

Account Suspension

Reasons for suspending an account

Library materials are 6 weeks overdue

Lost library materials that have not been replaced

Unpaid non-resident deposit

Incomplete application

Youth does not have written parent/guardian permission

Unpaid late fees that have reached a maximum of $10 per item

Once your account has been suspended all fees must be paid at City Hall.

Patron Privacy

It is the policy of the Thorne Bay Public Library that the privacy of all users will be respected in compliance with federal and state laws, as well as professional standards.

The names, addresses, or other personal identifying information of people that use materials available to the public by a library shall be kept confidential, except upon court order.  In addition, all library records and other information relating to an individual's us of the Library and it's resources are considered confidential.

Feel free to contact us for more information.